STAG Joining Paste

STAG Joining Paste

Lead Free High Temperature and Pressure Resistant Jointing Paste / Steam Sealant

STAG B is a smooth consistency lead free jointing compound with a temperature resistance of in range of -40 degree C to +650 degree C. It has been used for sealing of turbine flanges for over two decades now. STAG-B is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals apart from high temperature and high pressure > 170kg/cm.

Stag B jointing paste is ideal for use on all types of flanges or screw threaded joints and have been formulated to meet the most requirements of the Steam Turbo-Generator based Power Plants, Automotive, Marine, Electrical, Plumbing and General Engineering Industries. It is suitable for use on pipe-work carrying water, brine, steam, gas fuel oil, diesel oil, petrol or compressed air,

Stag B is particularly suitable for use on steam turbine parting flanges, flanges of steam pipe connections and various steam-threaded connections. Stag B has performed and excelled as steam sealant in steam turbines, boiler feed-water pumps, boiler-areas, steam/ water/ brine pipes etc. in many thermal power plants.

Stag B is resistant to Steam, Water, Brine, Oil, Gases, Acids, Sea Water, Toluene, 50% Phosphoric Acid, Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid, Ammonia, LPG and Natural Gas.