About us

MULTIBOND CORPORATION is a promoter of the world famous brands in Adhesives / Sealants / Speciality lubricants & EMI / EMC & Thermal Solutions.
MULTIBOND represents
BECHEM Speciality Lubricants
HITLOCK UV, Anaerobic & Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
POLYMELT Hotmelt Adhesives
Hylomar Non Setting Type Sealants
Stag B Hi Temp Sealant for Turbines.
PARKER CHOMERICS Range of EMI / EMC ( Electrically Conductive ) Products & THERMAL Soluctions ( Thermally Conductive )

Products are widely used in Auotmotive, Engineering industries, Steel, Cement, General Fabrication , Textile, Food / Pharma, White goods, Rubber, Forging industries, Defence, NAVY, Electronics, Aerospece, Telecom Industries.

Today our product range includes
Cyanoacrlylate Adhesives
Anaerobic Adhesives
Hotmelt Adhesives for Automotive, Filter applications
Polyurathane Adhesives & Sealants ( PU ) for Automotive, General Engg & Construction application
Silicone RTV Sealants for Industrial & Construction applications
Structral EPOXY, ACRYLIC Adhesives to replace mechanical fastners, welding
Non Setting High temp Sealants up to 650 Degree C
Electrically Condcutive Tapes, Adhesives, Rubber Gaskets, O Rings
Thermally Conductive Tapes, Pads, Gels & Sealants / Adhesives