McCoy Soudal

McCoy Soudal

McCoy Soudal is a 50:50 joint venture company between the McCoy Group of India and Soudal Group of Belgium. Soudal is one of the largest manufacturers of Sealants, Adhesives and Polyurethane (PU) Foams in the world, with 16 manufacturing plants, 45 subsidiaries across the globe and product availability in more than 120 countries.

McCoy Soudal has today 5 regional offices across the country and is making its presence - felt throughout the industry in India & SAARC Countries. The company has invested approximately INR 50 Cr. and has built one of Asia's finest and largest sealants and adhesives manufacturing plants in Bawal, Haryana. We will manufacture a wide variety of products like silicone sealants, PU sealants, Hybrid sealants, acrylics sealants and adhesives for a diverse range of interior and exterior applications.


The company's technical service center, McAademy, takes special efforts to promote awareness among the Indian construction professionals, about the use of the right product for right application and to get away from the conventional building methods. Training and application programs and seminars are organized throughout the country


• Polyurethane foams

• Acrylics sealants

• Silicones sealants

   − Façade & glazing

   − Fenestration

   − Sanitary

   − Food grade

   − Industrial sealants

• Polyurethane sealants

   − For construction

   − For automotive, bus, oem/oes applications

• Hybrid sealants

• Fire retardant sealants

• Fire retardant foams

• Fire retarding blankets

• Polyurethane foams

• Adhesives & many more..!


• Door solutions

• Window solutions

• Gaps & crack solutions

• Sanitary solutions

• Kitchen solutions

• Flooring solutions

• Bonding solutions

• Facade solutions

• Industrial solutions

• Automotive bus solutions

• Fir retardant solutions

Almost 50 years experience in producing top quality consistent & versatile sealants, adhesives & foams.

Pan India warehouse network which enables us to serve you any quantity at any time.

Financial strong company with more than 4500 Cr. turnover wordwide.

Industry's best techo commercial team to serve you 24x7. First company to provide technical service in retail dealer network.

State-of-the-art prodution and R&D center in India with best equipment to always serve our customers needs.

Wide range of sealants (Siliones, Acrylics, Polyurethanes, Hybrid sealants), Adhesives & PU Foams.